3R values and culture

The 3R-BioPhsophate Ltd. core values are principles that consisting mutually reinforcing technical, economic, environmental/climate, social and ethical matrix elements, with the right balance between Planet, People, Profit (environment/social/economic performance) that applied through all activities we do. As the company is EU multi-cultural these values are reflecting the best of the collective European achievements. Integrity applied with strong ethics to define behaviour. Implementing diversity and inclusion by bringing different lived experiences/backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.

3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. already set up and apply a gender equality plan that promotes the awareness of gender, providing opportunities regardless of gender, age balance and other important equality issues.  

Acting honest/fair in a transparent/trustworthy manner. Reinforcing teamwork with continuous learning, so that everyone can be bold/innovative/creative while the highest quality standards maintained. All our actions are accountable with responsibility to build trust internally/externally. Creating great Customer commitments with true promises and delivery.